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The Department of Conservative & Prosthetic Dentistry is one of the four Departments of the School of Dental Sciences.  The Department evolved from the Division of Conservation, which had existed since 1984 in the then Department of Dental Surgery. The Departments operations started in 1995 when the School of Dental Sciences was founded as a Faculty from the previous Department of Dental Surgery. 

The   Bachelor of Dental Surgery students spend 60% of their time in the Department, which makes it the busiest in the School of Dental Sciences. The administration offices, teaching laboratories are located in the second floor of the SDS building, where as the Conservation and Prosthetic clinics occupy most of the first floor.


The Department runs a Master of Dental Surgery Degree in Prosthodontics.






The Departments operations started in 1995 when the School of Dental Sciences was founded from the previous Department of Dental Surgery.  Since then, it has grown in Staff establishment, teaching and facilities and research. The first Chairman of the Department was Prof. W.R Lesan recently moved on to become the first Senator of Bomet County. Since then there has been two other Chairmen of Department, Dr Fred O. Otieno and Dr S.W Maina.

In October, 2007, the Department mounted the Master of Dental surgery Degree in  Prosthodontics which is the only programme in Kenya training specialists in Prosthodontics.



As in other academic years, in the year 2011/2012 academic year, the Department taught and examined in the four subjects it runs for the Bachelor of Dental surgery; Dental Mechanics, Science of Dental Materials, Prosthetic Dentistry and Conservative Dentistry Crown and Bridge. In addition, Masters in Prosthodontics Year I and II.

The Division of Dental Materials started developing modules on the e platform and has completed two modules whereas the in Conservative Dentistry Crown and Bridge two modules have been commenced.


The beginning of the year saw the Department had Professor W.R Lesan take early retirement to Join Politics. The Department is proud of his progression to become the first senator of Bomet County. This was followed by the retirement of a nurse Mr Peter Mwa Gachoki who had served the Department in the Prosthetic Clinic for a long time.

Following this academic staff Department grew with the addition of Dr James M. Nyaga a Prosthodontist who is an Alumni of the Department.

Further two Tutorial Fellows Dr Olivia Osiro and Dr Hazel Simila joined the Queen Mary University of London to study Master of Science in Dental Materials, they are due to complete in September 2013.



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  1. Conferences and events in the year 2012


Academic members attended the following conferences.

  1. Dr. B. K. Kisumbi: Attended UNEP-WHO-IDM-FDI curriculum on dental amalgam BMP, prevention and alternative materials, East Africa Dental Amalgam Phase-Down Project training Workshop, School of Public Health Dentistry Kampala, Uganda 6-7th March 2013


  1. Dr. S. W. Maina – Attended  FDI annual world dental congress  between 29th August and 1st September, 2012 in Hongkong. 


  1. Dr. F. O. Otieno attending Nairobi International Trade Fair 2012 from 28th September to 7th October, 2012.



  1. Dr. B.I. Omondi –  Attended  the 4th Young Prosthodontic Educators workshop  in Baden-Baden, Germany. ( 4th – 6th June 2012)


  1. Dr. B.I. Omondi  - attended MFP congress “Implantology for the Compromised patients” 1st – 4th February 2012 at the University Medical Hospital Groningen, The Netherlands.



  1. Dr. S. W. Maina – attended  Live Learn Laugh Phase Two global workshop between 13th – 17th February 2012 in  Instanbul , Turkey.



Dr B.K Kisumbi

Chairman, Department of Conservative & Prosthetic Dentistry