Q Pulse User Forum - 2018
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Thu, 2018-11-01 12:41

University of Nairobi Quality Management System implementation team attended a Q Pulse User Forum - 2018 in Nairobi's Heron Portico on October 24th 2018.

The forum covered various aspects of Quality Management mainly using Q-Pulse System which when maximized to the fullest will enhance the Quality Management Processes in the University, currently the Q-Pulse system is implemented throughout the University and being used to management University Internal Audits anchored on ISO 9001: 2015

The team was taken through Q-Pulse modules, to mention a few  is the Risk Management Module, Covalent and Incident Management Modules for efficiency utilization of available resources. They were also trained on various advanced functionalities of the Q-Pulse system and a presentation on lessons learnt presented by Nairobi Hospital and Kenya Revenue Authority team. In the next forum(the year 2019), UoN ICT will have a slot to present lessons learnt among other stakeholders. The Audit process was reiterated, setting up of several stages in undertaking various activities is a better practice since it enables one to monitor comptencies of the Audit team.

The challenge was placed to participating users to embrace and use Q-Pulse to its fullest, since the since has much to offer so that we may realize the value adding aspect of it. More developments on the system was shared and a road map guiding transition to respectiv eversions of Q-Pulse also shred. University of Nairobi was represented by Deputy Director MIS, Paul Kariuki and David Wekesa both from ICT Centre MIS Section.

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