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Dr.Tom Dienya









Welcome to the Department of Conservative & Prosthetic Dentistry.

The Department of Conservative & Prosthetic Dentistry was established in 1995 at the inception of School of Dental Sciences with Prof. W.R. Lesan (currently Senator, Bomet County) as the founding Chairman.

The Department has three divisions or thematic areas headed by an academic staff member who is responsible for day to day running of the academic programmes and other activities in the division.  The Divisions and their Heads are as below:


  • Conservative Dentistry, Crown & Bridge       -           Dr. B.A. Kassim
  • Prosthetic Dentistry                                   -           Dr. B.I. Omondi
  • Biomaterial Science                                   -           Dr. B.K. Kisumbi

The Department runs academic programmes for Bachelor of Dental Surgery Students in Level II, III, IV and V.  Currently, the department handles an average of 160 students in all the four levels consisting of both regular and module II (parallel) students.

Dental Technology and Science of Dental materials are taught in level II and III while the clinical subjects, Conservative and Prosthetic Dentistry in level IV and V.  These subjects that the Department houses are the backbone of Dentistry.  Students spend about 60% of their academic time in this department.  Teaching is by lectures (10%) and practicals (90%).  The University examinations are offered at the end of each academic year.

The Department also houses Masters programme in Prosthodontics (MDS Prosthodontics).  The main objective of this course is to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in the practice of Prosthodontics as well as sound experience in management of patients requiring oral rehabilitation with restorations, fixed and/or removable prostheses.  The MDS student also undertake research.  The Department also trains students in Dental Implantology.

The admission for MDS is open to both local and international applicants as long as:

  • They hold Bachelor of Dental Surgery of University of Nairobi or its equivalent from an institution approved by the University of Nairobi Senate.
  • They have two years working experience post internship.



The Department has academic , technical and administrative cadres making a total of 23 members of staff.  Academic staff members are 15 (fifteen) while support staff are 16 (sixteen).  The Department is pleased to have Dr. Tom Dienya who is the first and only Endodontist in Kenya.  His input in the postgraduate training and the Department as whole has been phenomenol.  Dr. Dienya also attained a certificate in Implantology.  The Department is also proud to have Dr. B.I. Omondi who is the first Prosthodontist in Kenya.  Prof. W.R. Lesan left the department and is now the Senator for Bomet County.

Staff Development

The Department welcomes back Dr. Hazel Simila and Dr. Olivia Osiro who have both completed their masters in Dental Biomaterials from Queen Mary University in London.

Dr. J. Gakonyo has also obtained post graduate Diploma in Implantology and His contribution will greatly benefit the Department.


The Department acquired state of art ceramic furnace with which advanced ceramic restorations can be cast.   The Department also got a donation of Pentamix machine from 3M for advanced work in impression taking.


The Department is heavily involved in research in various areas.  Some of the ongoing research include:

  • Prognosis of tooth with fractured Endodontic instruments (Funded by Deans Committee, University of Nairobi)
  • Quality of Denture Hygiene and Candida – Associated Denture Stomatitis among Denture wearers.
  • Isolation of micro-organisms associated with post-treatment Endodontic Disease.
  • Internal and External Root Morphology of 1st permanent molars among Kenyans.
  • Tooth wear prevalence in Kenya.


Future Development:

The Department intends to commence short courses in Endodontics and Dental Implants in 2016.





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