About Us

The Department of Conservative & Prosthetic Dentistry is one of the four Departments of the School of Dental Sciences.  The Department evolved from the Division of Conservation, which had existed since 1984 in the then Department of Dental Surgery. The Departments operations started in 1995 when the School of Dental Sciences was founded as a Faculty from the previous Department of Dental Surgery.  Since then, it has grown in Staff establishment, teaching and facilities and research.

In conjunction with three other clinical departments namely, Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Periodontology/Community & Preventive Dentistry and Oral/maxillofacial Surgery, oral medicine/Pathology and oral/maxillofacial Radiology it acts as a referral center for patients with decayed teeth, partially or totally lost teeth structures as well as teeth discolourations from all parts of the nation of Kenya, Eastern Africa and the Great Lake Regions.

The   Bachelor of Dental Surgery students spend 60% of their time in the Department, which makes it the busiest in the School of Dental Sciences. In 2007 the Department took a leap in meeting needs of advanced oral rehabilitation and lack of specialists in the region and mounted Master of Dental Surgery Degree in Prosthodontics.

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