Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) in Prosthodontics

Course Outline:


Course code    Course name                                       Year    Semester          Hours


VPD 600         Prosthetic Dentistry I                               I                              300

VPD 601         Restorative Dentistry I                            I                              300

VPD 602         Biomaterials Science                                I                              180

VPE 621         Oral Biology                                            I                              180

VPE 622         Research Methodology & Biostatistics   I                              120

VPD 620         Research Proposal & Development         I                              120


VPD 700         Prosthetic Dentistry II                                         II                            360

VPD 701         Restorative Dentistry II                           II                            420

VMS 742        Pharmacology & Therapeutics                 II                            120

VPD 720         Research Proposal & Development         II                            300


VPD 800         Prosthetic Dentistry III                            III                           360

VPD 801         Restorative Dentistry III                         III                           480

VPD 820         Thesis                                                       III                           360                                                        




Admission Requirements:

The applicant shall be a holder of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Degree from the University of Nairobi or its equivalent from an institution approved by the University of Nairobi Senate.  The applicant shall be registerable by the Kenya Medical Practitoners and Dentists Board and shall have at least two years working experience in clinical dentistry one of which should be post internship.


Transfer of Credits:

A candidate who wishes to transfer course work credits for similar courses taken in other institutions recognised by University of Nairobi Senate may, on recommendation of the School Board and the Board of Postgraduate Studies, be allowed to transfer credits for up to one third of the total number of courses offered in the programme.


The candidate shall submit a formal application seeking transfer of credits to the Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies, through the Dean, School of Dental Sciences.


The candidate must have passed the relevant courses at Masters Degree level.


Transfer of credits shall be allowed only in non-clinical courses in the first year and shall not be allowed in the research work and subsequent thesis.



Course Duration:

The programme shall take a minimum of three and a maximum of six academic years of full time training.



Course Structure:

The course shall be divided into three examinable parts i.e. Part I, II and III taken at the end of each academic year.


The course shall be conducted through lectures, seminars, phantom head and laboratory practicals, clinical practice and tutorials.  In addition the candidate shall undertake a research project relevant to Prosthodontics and leading to a thesis.


The first academic year shall comprise coursework, practicals, clinical management of patients, continuous assessment tests and presentation of a research proposal.


The second academic year shall comprise coursework, practicals, clinical management of patients requiring advanced prosthodontic treatment, laboratory work, seminars, clinical case presentations, continuous assessment tests and the commencement of the intended research.


The third academic year shall comprise clinical management of cases, design and management of more complex prostheses, introduction to practice management, completion of the research and thesis defence.



Examination Regulations:


The common examination rules and regulations on Masters’ Degree of the University of Nairobi shall apply.


A candidate who fails any part shall not proceed to the next part until they pass the part they failed in.


Each course shall be examined through continuous assessment tests and end of year University examinations.




The marks shall be out of 100% distributed as follows:

Continuous assessment 30%; Final examination written paper 20%, Final examination Clinical 40%,  Final examination viva voce 10%.

For courses where clinical examinations are not administered, the Final examination marks shall be distributed as: Written paper 60% and Viva voce 10%.


The pass mark shall be 50% in all courses.  A candidate who fails in one or more examination subject(s) with a pass mark of 40-49% shall on recommendation of the School of Dental Sciences Board of Examiners and approval by the University of Nairobi Senate be allowed to retake the examination on the failed subject within six months.


A candidate who fails in one or more retake examination (s) shall be allowed to retake the failed examination when the next examination is administered and on the recommendation of the School Board of Examiners and approval by the Senate.


A candidate who passes ion the retake examination (s) shall be awarded a mark of 50%.


A candidate who fails in two or more papers with a mark of 39% and below, or in the retake examinations after two attempts or fails to complete the courses in the allocated time shall, on recommendation of the School Board of Examiners and approval by the Senate, be discontinued from the programme.               


A candidate, who fails to present himself/herself for University Examinations on medical grounds, shall be allowed to sit for special examinations, upon presentation of a medical report and on recommendation of the School Board of Examiners and approval by the Senate.  



Thesis Regulations:

The completed thesis shall comply with the requirements stipulated in the rules and regulations pertaining to technical preparation and presentation of theses of the University of Nairobi.


The research shall be relevant to Prosthodontics.


The thesis shall be completed and submitted to the Chairman of Department at least twelve weeks before commencement of the third year final examinations.  Failure to do so will result in the candidate not being allowed to take the final examinations.


The thesis shall be submitted to the external examiner at least 8 weeks before commencement of third year final examinations.


The thesis shall be marked out of 100%; 60% format and content, 40% defence (viva voce).  The pass mark shall be 50%.


A candidate whose thesis fails will be allowed to resubmit it within six months.  A second resubmission will be allowed within six months.


A candidate whose thesis fails after a second resubmission or who fails to resubmit within 6 months shall on recommendation of the School Board of Examiners and approval by Senate be discontinued from the programme.








(US $)

Application  fees



Total composite fee



Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Other Expenses



Book allowance

40,000/= p.a

1,000 p.a








For more information about this programme contact the Dean, School of Dental Sciences on the following contacts.

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